What is a UBO declaration?

A UBO declaration is a legal document that gives you current, accurate, and reliable information about the true beneficial owners of a corporate company all within your own portal account or integrated API. The legally binding document is signed by a verified authorized person.

Key Attributes in a UBO Declaration

  • Declaration with Verified Electronic Signature
  • Signer Name
  • Signed at Time and Date
  • Signature


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Other documents available in your Portal Account

When you complete a UBO Declaration, you will also receive a Workflow Evidence Report and a Declaration Audit Report.

Workflow Evidence Report_Concept 04 V03

Signing Workflow Evidence Report

Key Attributes in a Signing Workflow Report 

  • Package Summary
  • Documents Summery
  • Recipients Summary
  • Detailed Audit Trail


Audit Report_Concept 01 V02

Declaration Audit Report     

Key Attributes in an Audit Report 

  • Account Details
  • Declaration Details
  • Company Details
  • Beneficial Owners -registry & declaration data
  • Authorised Signatures
  • All Activities summarised

How the UBO Portal works

Workflow V02-01

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Make risk-based decisions based on accurate and reliable UBO declarations.


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